Solar Tubes

As humans we tend to rely more on technological advancements for our power methods and communication method rather than relying on nature. This is extremely sad because nature is capable of so much more than most people think. In fact, we used to rely solely on the powers of nature up until a few hundred years ago. Now we have slowly
lost our abilities to live with natural methods but the possibilities of powering our homes are slowly coming back.

One great thing that we have forgotten to use properly is the sun light. Although the cost of solar panels is relatively high, they are worth it in the long run and will actually save lots of money along with making the environment a healthier place to be.


Aside from rooftop solar powering methods, there are other ways that you can use the power of the sun to save money. The use of solar tubes is an excellent way for you to save lots of money while getting a nice, natural sunlight in your home.

Solar tubes are basically tubes that go from a home’s roof all the way to the interior of a home. With integrated mirrors and other simple mechanics, these solar tubes are capable of taking the natural sunlight and bouncing it into homes. This gives the consumer a natural lighting inside of their home without much money needed to set it all up.

This ends up saving lots of money on light bulbs and it also saves money as it will cost you much less to power your home. Furthermore, natural sunlight is always much better to have in a home than artificial light.

Los Angeles

Although solar tubes are not expensive, the use of this type of technology will greatly depend on your location. If you live in Los Angeles for example, you will find these tubes to be quite useful and they can be a great thing to add to a domestic solar power setup.

Since Los Angeles experiences several days of bright sunlight throughout the year, this is an excellent place to implement these into homes. On the other hand, if you live a northern part of the world that tends to have terrible weather year round, it would be much less beneficial. Either way, once a solar tube is installed into your home it will not cost a thing to keep it functional which makes it a great way to spend some extra money.

Choosing to install solar tubes in your home is a great decision but now you will probably wondering about the cost and how much money is involved with installation.

The good thing about this type of lighting is that the installation process is often offered by solar tube companies at a very affordable price. Otherwise, you can easily find a good contractor in your area that will be willing to do it for a couple hundred dollars.

The cost of the actual solar tube itself will vary depending on how big you need it to be but the general cost of a solar tube is between $500 and $1000 USD. The key to getting a good price is to shop around before committing to a certain company so take your time and find the best deal that offers good quality.

Installing a solar tube into your home will ultimately save you lots of money. The natural light source will also be appreciated a lot more than regular light bulbs. All in all, this is one of the best and easiest ways to light you home.

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