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~ Updated September 24, 2013

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About Me

My name is Neville Pettersson and I have created the this site to help regular home owner’s like me make their own

energy at home. For more info about me check out the about page here. You can also follow me on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ and Pinterest.

Homemade Power Plant Review

Support System

Most of the available guides for home energy systems come with little to no customer support. This product does not have any social network integrations and the support team is rather weak. However, when purchasing this system you will get a 60 day money back guarantee which is a good way to test the product out without very much risk. If you do have any questions you are provided with a support team email address but the responses will take a few days. One of the nice things about this product though is that once you purchase this product you will receive any additional updates at no cost.


Whenever you see a product online there will almost always be promises made of special included bonuses that you can receive when paying for the original product. Homemade Power Plant is no exception but this company actually follows through with these promises.

When you purchase this product you will be awarded with two additional eBooks which follow the same general theme of powering your home by making your own energy. One of the bonus eBooks gives you details on how to build solar panels for your home and the other bonus eBook gives you great tips on how you can reduce the overall consumption of energy in your home.

The original product along with these two bonus eBooks makes this product a great buy, but it's still not the best on the market. This is not a collection of information but rather the opinion of one person and his personal experiences. You do however get over a hundred pages of easy to follow steps along with information on how you can use items that you already have to build an energy system for under $200.

Decent Information

If you are a person who is truly committed to building your own energy supply then you will probably be willing to invest a decent amount of money into the construction of your windmill or solar panels.

If you do have some extra money for your investment then you should consider buying this eBook which is available for $47 from the main website. The fact that you get an honest person's experience with the full guide on how that person achieved success using this method will surely help you out.

However, this tool should probably be combined with another product as well because this alone might not be helpful if you are unable to reproduce the exact same wind turbine or solar panel.

Overall, this is a great product if you already have other guides to back you up or if you already know a great deal about making your own power and wish to find out about a new method.

We have recently tested out a new product that is available online and have decided to provide you with our honest opinion about this product.

The product itself is called Homemade Power Plant and comes in the form of an eBook that you can download within minutes. This 115 page eBook was created with the main goal of attracting people who would like to set up a system for their homes that would enable them to power their homes without having to rely on big electrical companies.

This seems like a good way to live without any attachments to other people but figuring our whether this is a scam or not is the big question on everyone's mind. Although this company may seem too good to be true, it actually gives you valid steps on how to build a powerful energy system for cheap.


The Homemade Power Plant system is not a scam in our opinion because it does offer valid information that has been used successfully by other people. This product is a great instructional guide that shows you how to save money when building your home power system. By using this product you will be able to find out how you can use every day items to create power for your home. The entire eBook is based on the writer's experience with powering his own home using natural resources such as the wind and sun.

The downside to this eBook is the fact that the process of building your own power system is very precise and if you want to follow this guide you will basically have to follow the same steps that the author took. This does not leave users with a very large range of options but the method described remains solid and with a little creativity you can alter the method to meet your needs.

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Homemade Power Plant Review


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