About Us

The Build Your Own Solar Panel site was built by Neville Pettersson to give normal everyday people the advice they need to get started building their own solar panels.

Our goal is to help make as many homes self-sufficient as possible. There’s nothing we love more than hearing of people going off-grid. Those electric companies make far too much money and it’s about time that changed!

If we can make this process run a bit smoother for you then we will have achieved our mission.

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    By: Neville

    New Zealand based entrepreneur and passive income machine. My views are my own a reflect me exactly. My family comes first and I believe a strong family unit is the backbone of any safe functioning society. I am a strong advocate for justice, which incorporates equity and fairness. I’m a skeptic and am always open to change any of my views based on evidence. I also love tennis and American muscle cars.

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